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Our Classes Offered this Fall.

Japanese wrapping

Fridays 13:15 - 15:15

October 18;

November 22.

Learn the tricks of Japanese wrapping for a present or a table/room decoration as well as basic wrapping and
tying skills. Use Japanese washi paper, wrapping cloth, origami paper, etc., as materials to wrap items such as
boxes, wine bottles, CDs, books, cookie bags, etc. You will also learn the traditional idea of Japanese wrapping
as part of Japanese culture while you make your present even more special and impressive.
Please bring a bag to carry the materials and if possible, an empty wine bottle.

Fee per session: [¥3,000 (member) / ¥4,000 (non-member)] + ¥1,000 supplies fee.

Location: 2nd floor classroom/ tokyo union church.

Natsu Kikuchi


Fun with furoshiki

Fridays  13:15 - 15:15

October 18;

November 22.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, originally used to carry items to and from the public baths. Nowadays, Furoshiki come in various sizes as well as beautiful colors and prints. They are used for decorating, as gift-wrapping and for transporting items that cannot fit into a normal bag. They can even be tied into a bag or purse. Come and have fun learning both traditional as well as modern ways to use Furoshiki.

Please bring a bag to carry the materials and if possible, an empty wine bottle.

Fee per session: [¥3,000 (member) / ¥4,000 (non-member)] + ¥1,000 supplies fee.

Location: 2nd floor classroom/ tokyo union church.

Natsu Kikuchi


paper quilling 

fridays: 13.30 -15.30

Sept. 20

Oct. 18

Nov. 15

quilling is a craft that involves the use of strips of paper to create decorative designs. the paper strips are rolled, looped, curled, twisted  and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greeting cards, pictures, boxes, eggs and to make models, jewelry, mobiles etc.


- Sept. 20: basics and greeting cards.

Oct. 18: miniature rose pot.

- Nov. 15: christmas tree.


fee per workshop: [¥3,000 (member) / ¥4,000 (non-member)] + supplies fee: ¥1,000

Location:  room b1 - a / tokyo union church.

kawagoe mime

kimekomi dolls

Tuesdays 10:30 -12:30

dates are flexible, to arrange a lesson please contact:

Kimekomi Dolls are one of the traditional crafts of the Edo period. A wooden body is covered with beautiful fabrics of your choosing. You will be able to finish the first basic doll. Afterwards, you can select and make your favorite dolls from a catalog.

Fee per session (3 lessons) :  [¥6,000 members / ¥9,000 non-members] + supplies fee: ¥5000 (first time students).

Location: 2nd floor classroom/ tokyo union church.

single lesson: ¥2,400 (member)/ ¥3,400 (non-member)

trial lesson: ¥2,400

Reiko takahshi


Obi-covered photo frame

Tuesdays 10:00 -12:00

dates are flexible, to arrange a lesson please contact:

Looking for a special gift to give? Do you have a cherished photograph that you would like to display with care? An Obi is the long wide sash that is wrapped at the waistline of a Kimono. The fabrics are stunning and the traditional silk is a fabric perfect for wrapping a picture frame. Learn how to make this lovely frame for your home or share a special Japanese touch with someone you love.

Fee : [¥2,000 members / ¥3,000 non-members] + supplies fee: ¥600.

Location: kitchen/ tokyo union church.

Reiko takahshi


Sashiko stitching


13:00 - 15:00

Sept 25 

Oct 2, 9.

(3 lessons).

A very popular and decorative stitching form, Sashiko was once used to make cloth stronger and warmer, but today it is primarily enjoyed for its simple beauty. The contrast of the white pattern against the indigo blue cloth holds a fascination for many. Learn several of the traditional designs and enjoy making these items. Basic stitch technique is taught and you are able to select various designs for the beginner to make placemats, coasters etc.

Fee  (3 lessons): [¥6,000 members / ¥9,000 non-members] + supplies fee: ¥5000.

single lessons: ¥2,400 (member) / ¥3,400 (non-member).

Location: room b1-a/ tokyo union church.

nobuko okubo


shell art painting


10:00 - 12:30

dates are flexible, to arrange a lesson please contact:

The Clam Shell matching game started during the Heian era in the ninth century by the Japanese noble society. In playing the game, all the clam shells are placed faced down, then a pair is turned over. If the pair fit together, it is known as the symbol of a happy marriage.

Come and learn this delicate art form of Shell Art painting, making your own set(s) of clam shells for the Clam Shell game.

Fee per lesson: [¥2,000 members / ¥3,000 non-members] + supplies fee: ¥2000.

Location: kitchen/ tokyo union church.

reiko takahashi


tea box covering

dates are flexible, please arrange with:

You will learn how to turn a tea box into a beautiful cabinet. You will select the size of the tea box and cover it with Japanese washi paper or textile. The tea box you make will be a beautiful addition to your home décor or can be given as a special gift. As the class size is only one or two students, this is essentially a private lesson!

time: 2 hours for washi paper/ 4 hours for textile.

Fee for Washi Workshop: ¥2,000 (member) / ¥3,000 (non-member). 

Fee for Textile Workshop: ¥4,000 (member) / ¥5,000 (non-member).

supplies fee: depends on size and quantity of paper/ textile needed.

teabox cost: ¥2,500 (small) - ¥5,000 (large).

washi paper: ¥600 - ¥1,500 per sheet.

textiles: bring own or go shopping with teacher. 

Location:  student home or kitchen/ tokyo union church.

reiko takahashi


washi-covered screen


dates are flexible, to arrange please contact:

Reiko-san will teach you how to turn a piece of washi paper into a work of art! You will select a Japanese folded screen from a variety of sizes and cover it with washi paper. The screen you make will be a beautiful addition to your home or to give as a special gift.

Fee per lesson: [¥2,000 members / ¥3,000 non-members] + 

supplies fee: depends on screen size and quantity of washi paper needed (1 or 2 sheets). 

washi paper is approx. ¥1,000 -  ¥1,600 per sheet.

screen cost:  ¥4,000 -  ¥8,000.

single lessons: ¥2,400 (member) / ¥3,400 (non-member).

Location: kitchen/ tokyo union church.

reiko takahashi


creating conversations through the art you make 


10:00 - 12:30

Using a range of mixed materials, such as pencil, paint and pastel, you will be guided to create artwork whilst learning to interpret and reflect upon the ‘Marks you Make’ that encourage an artistic and holistic outlook.

Your marks become a metaphor to the extent you become creative explorers, where possibilities, opportunities and qualities are revealed. Explore and inquire to discover the heart and core of your natural authentic creative ability to create.

This is an opportunity to exchange and share ideas through our conversations that emerge from the ‘Marks we Make”, whilst discovering how our brain uses both the “feeling and thinking” realm to see the world when we create. Each lesson leads you to a personal and professional discovery, as your creative nature emerges.

Diana has over 25 years of experience working as an Artist, Designer and Educator with individuals, groups, organizations and mentoring private clients.

for more information on diana's work, click here for Japanese, and here for english.

Session 1: your conversations (Oct. 7), our conversations ( Oct. 21), Their conversations (Oct. 28).

session 2: inner conversations (Nov. 11), shared conversations (Nov. 18), community conversations (nov. 25). 

Fee per session: [¥12,000 members / ¥15,000 non-members] + supplies fee: ¥600 per lesson.

single lesson: ¥4,000 (members) / ¥5,000 (non-members) attendance required 3 days in advance.

Location: fellowship hall/ tokyo union church.

diana green


japanese tales: improve your english

Fridays  10:30 - 12:00

Sept. 20, 27;

Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25;

Nov. 1, 8, 15, 29;

Dec. 6, 13.

Improve your English while studying Japanese Folk Tales. We will use a bilingual (二カ国語) printout (provided by the teacher) to read and talk about well-known, popular folk tales.

The veteran teacher is a former translator at the US Embassy in Tokyo. She also previously worked for The Daily Yomiuri newspaper. The class will be conducted in English and Japanese, 英語/日本語.

Fee (12 lessons): ¥26,400 (member) / ¥38,400 (non-member)

single lesson: ¥2,500 (member)/ ¥3,500 (non-member)

Location: 2nd floor classroom/ tokyo union church.

Hideko miriam kudaka - crane

090-2527 -0407

using kanji signs as landmarks 

Fridays 13:30 - 15:00

Nov. 8 and 15.

You will learn how to make use of Japanese kanji to help you in your daily life. This is not a course learning to read or write kanji, but for becoming familiar with it on signs and landmarks to find your way about.
The instructor will show how kanji developed from drawings (hieroglyphics). After learning about 30 kanji, we will identify them on building signs, railway / subway stations, traffic signs and so on. By recognizing some kanji, you will feel a little more confident to move around and pick up things in Japanese.

Fee per session (2 lessons): ¥5,000 (member) / ¥7,000 (non-member)

trial lesson: ¥3,000 

single lesson: ¥3,000 (member)/ ¥4,000 (non-member)

Location: room b1-a / tokyo union church.

midori kataoka


pilates for health and beauty 


 12:30 - 13:30

sept. 18, 25;

oct. 2, 9, 23, 30;

nov. 13, 20, 27;

dec. 4.

Start or continue your study of Pilates, a system of physical exercises improving strength, flexibility and posture, and breathing to enhance mental awareness. Pilates is beneficial for many people regardless of age and gender. Please wear comfortable clothing. Exercises are best done barefoot or wearing five-toed socks.

session 1 (4 lessons)sept. 18, 25; oct. 2, 9.

session 2 (3 lessons): oct. 23, 30; Nov. 6.

session 3 (4 lessons)nov. 13, 20, 27; Dec. 4.

Fee per session (4 lessons): ¥10,000 (member) / ¥14,000 (non-member)

Fee per session (3 lessons): ¥7,500 (member) / ¥10,500 (non-member)

single lesson: ¥3,000 (member)/ ¥4,000 (non-member)

Location: fellowship hall / tokyo union church.

awareness through movement


 13:30 - 15:00

oct. 11, 25;

nov. 8, 22;

dec. 6.

The Feldenkrais Method is a pleasant way for people of all ages to increase proprioception and develop an invigorating wholeness. Easy lessons for posture, eyes, imagination, and more, will build better body habits, increase awareness and focus self-image.

Students will need a mat to lie comfortably on the floor and wear loose, comfortable, warm clothing and socks. Dress as if for meditation - the movements are often slow and soft.

Fee  (5 lessons): ¥10,000 (member) / ¥15,000 (non-member)

single lesson: ¥2,500 (member)/ ¥3,500 (non-member)

Location: room b1-c / tokyo union church.

Ikebana: Ichiyo school


 13:00 - 15:00

sept. 25

oct. 9, 16, 23;

nov. 6, 13, 27;

dec. 4, 11.

In this course, you will learn how to create arrangements in the manner of the Ichiyo School, using materials and containers in a way that gives the viewer an experience with nature that is unexpected, stimulating and profound. We start with teaching the basics of Ikebana and soon encourage personal interpretation and use of imagination. The curriculum is offered for 6 levels: Primary, Secondary, Advanced, Research, Instructor I and Instructor II; each taking 20 lessons to complete.

- Naohiro Kasuya is the Headmaster of the Ichiyo School.

- Progress at own pace.
 - Qualify for certification as you complete each level.

session 1 (4 lessons)sept. 25; oct. 9, 16, 23.

session 2 (3 lessons): Nov. 6, 13, 27. 

session 3 (2 lessons)Dec. 4, 11.

Fee per session (4 lessons): ¥8,000 (member) / ¥12,000 (non-member).

Fee per session (3 lessons): ¥6,000 (member) / ¥9,000 (non-member).

Fee per session (2 lessons): ¥4,00 (member) / ¥6,000 (non-member).

trial lesson: ¥2,400.

single lesson: ¥2,400 (member)/ ¥3,400 (non-member).

supply fee: ¥1,000 per lesson.

Location: 2nd floor classroom / tokyo union church.

naohiro kasuya


Ikebana: ohara school


 10:30 - 12:30

sept. 30.

oct. 21, 28;

nov. 18, 25;

dec. 2.

The Ohara School is one of the leading ikebana schools in Japan. It aims to emphasize the seasonal and natural beauty of materials. In the late nineteenth century, Unshin Ohara created the Moribana style of ikebana, which uses low, shallow and wide-mouthed containers. This was a contrast to the tall, vertical traditional forms that existed at the time Hana-isho is another style of ikebana taught at the Ohara School and is available to beginners (Basic) and advanced students. In these lessons, beginners will learn certain Basic styles in Hana-isho.

Chigusa Fukuda is a Master Instructor of the Ohara School.

Please bring scissors and paper to wrap flowers to the class.

session 1 (2 lessons)sept. 30; oct. 21.

session 2 (2 lessons): oct. 28; Nov. 18. 

session 3 (2 lessons): nov. 25; Dec. 2.

Fee per session (4 lessons): ¥4,000 (member) / ¥6,000 (non-member).

trial lesson: ¥2,400.

supply fee: ¥1,500 per lesson.

Location: 2nd floor classroom / tokyo union church.

chigusa fukuda


Music: piano lessons (private)

tuesdays only

 10:00 - 15:30

Exercise your right brain! This season, Sensei Kanako Miyakoshi would like to help you learn to play at least one of your favorite tunes on the piano. Please pick 5 tunes from a selection of favorite musician(s).
Making music can enrich your life and may even open up a new world to you.

Sensei Kanako Miyakoshi has a B.A. in Music Theory from Musashino Music College and has been teaching for 20 years. She worked for the Yamaha Music School for many years.

Fee per 30 minutes: ¥3,750 (member) / ¥4,750 (non-member).

Location: at sensei's home (5 minutes walk from omotesando station).

kanako miyakoshi


new classes


With each new catalog, we search for new classes to offer to our members. Please contact the Tomoni Club Tokyo (formerly, the Women’s Fellowship group) and let us know what topics you are interested in. Previous classes held have included the following:

  • Easy Origami

  • Cooking Classes e.g. international cuisine / traditional dishes, baking, etc.

  • Japanese Art and Gallery Tours

  • Mahjong for Beginners

  • Sumi-e Painting

  • Temari Balls

  • Quilting, hand and machine techniques

  • Tai Chi

If there are any members who teach or would like to share their talents, please let us know. As the community of the Tomoni Tokyo is ever changing, new and fresh ideas are always welcome.

We hope you enjoy the many classes and workshops on offer and use them to add to the enjoyment of your time here in Tokyo, Japan.

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